Montana to California

We left in terrible weather. It had snowed for a couple of days and was -24F. The roads were only marginally cleared. After the bus’s tragic demise, we were worried about taking one of our cars on such a long trip in bad weather, so we rented a car, which ended up being front wheel drive without snow ties and absolutely terrible on winter roads.

So, we pushed on slowly, past cars that had slid off into the ditches, hoping the weather would improve. We had to push the car after getting it stuck on a patch of ice in Idaho Falls.  We spent the first night in Idaho in a motel whose heater was either full on or full off and slept terribly. After 400 miles of slow going, the roads started to clear. By Nevada, we could get it up to the speed limit and really make some miles. It’s nice to be back out on the road in unfamiliar country. There aren’t many towns in the part of Nevada we drove through, but the ones we stopped at were chock full of the kind of historic Americana we love.





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