Things That Broke

The bus had its fair share of problems over the course of the trip. It sucked down diesel, bumped, rattled and smelled. Before we bought it, while part of a handicapped accessible bus fleet operated by the state of Montana, it would seem very minimal maintenance was done and than when something broke, it was … More Things That Broke

Back Road Montana

We stared at the big Montana map, marked with all the trips we’ve taken over the better part of the past two years. There’s not a lot of places in a three hour radius we haven’t been. So we were somewhat surprised so see that in this time, we’ve never driven down a couple of … More Back Road Montana

The long trip home

We cried a lot the first couple of days and it’s largely been too fresh and painful to write about. People wrote us a lot of words of encouragement and comfort about trying to find the silver lining in the situation, but we just couldn’t see one. It really felt like the death of a loved … More The long trip home